Situated along the Aurelia road, between countryside and the sea, Venturina is full of shops selling local specialities, restaurants and meeting places.  


Venturina is a modern town with an ancient past. 


The Caldana hot springs, around which spa facilities and welcoming holiday accommodation have been built, go back to Etruscan and Roman times, while the Palazzo di Magona dates back to the Renaissance. 


Venturina is an important agricultural centre and home to the Fiera, a exhibition centre where national fairs and gatherings are held.  


Also situated in the centre is the Work Culture Museum, a fascinating collection of over 6,000 finds and everyday objects connected with farm work and other occupations essential to agriculture.









Already know in Etruscan times, and called “Aquae Populoniae” by the Romans, the waters flow from two separate springs at a temperature of 36°C and contain a mixture of sulphur, alkalis and earth.


The springs feed the spa facility “Bagni di Caldana”, which is well equipped for therapeutic treatments, and the “Calidario” lake.


The Calidario hot spring, in its lovely, historical setting, is fully equipped to provide the best in service and treatments for relaxation and mental and physical well-being.  


The hot water flows directly into the pool at a rate of 12,000 litres a minute.  


Open all year round, day and night.